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Subject Ambassadors

At St Antony’s, we have identified Subject Ambassadors for all subjects in our curriculum; they play a vital role in promoting learning and enthusiasm for various subjects. 

Our Subject Ambassadors act as representatives for their respective subject, taking on additional responsibilities and sharing their knowledge and passion with their peers. They work alongside their Subject Leader (the specialist teacher for that subject) to develop the and enhance the subject for all our pupils. 

We select our Subject Ambassadors by their talent, skill or affinity for the particular subject and as a school, we are keen to nurture and develop this ability. They actively engage in their own learning, which makes them excellent role models for their peers. 

We believe their contributions greatly enhance the school community and foster a positive learning environment. As a result, we feel we offer a board and rich curriculum door all. 

As part of enrichment for our Subject Ambassadors we offer additional lessons, opportunities or trips.

Trips that have taken Place for Subject Ambassadors
  • STEM workshops at local schools
  • Library visits
  • Taking part in the Literature Festival 
  • A trip to the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester for a morning of entertainment by the Halle Orchestra. 
  • Forensic Enrichment day at UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire)
  • Humanities Festival at UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire)
  • Visit to Blackburn Art Gallery
  • Visit to Madeliene Lindley to add to the library stock 
  • Involvement in a Waterstones Reading for Pleasure Book Shop Project
  • Trip to the Houses of Parliament
  • School Dinner Health Food Awards at King George's Hall
  • Visit to Salford Cathedral 
  • Inter-faith breakfast at the local high school
  • Inter-faith day at a local primary school 
  • Writing workshops at a local school with an author. 
  • Singing at a Local Care home 
  • Jet Tag Tournament 
  • Visit to the Mayor Parlour in Bolton for a Christmas Carol Service
  • Visit to the Arc, Refugee Centre in Blackburn Town centre
  • Visit to Blackburn Food Bank 

To meet our Subject Ambassadors and for more information, visit the subject pages under Learning - Curriculum.