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Year 3



Our Team:


Mr McGregor

Class Teacher and PE Subject Leader

Hobbies: Family time, reading, movies, watching and playing sports and being in Scotland!

Likes: School, Scotland, Irn Bru, pizza, football, ice hockey (any sports really!), westerns (books and films!), being happy!

Dislikes: People being unkind and bats!

Favourite Colour: Scotland Blue

Favourite Sport: Football and Ice Hockey

Favourite Book: 'Playing for Pizza' by John Grisham

Favourite TV Show: Yellowstone

Favourite Film: Jurassic Park and Top Gun

Favourite School Subject: PE

If I could meet anyone famous it would be: Peter Schmeichel or Lionel Richie

If I could meet anyone from history it would be: Nelson Mandela or Rob Roy McGregor





Miss Aringa

Teaching Assistant, Breakfast Club Lead and Children's University Coordinator

Hobbies: Arts & Crafts

Likes: Having fun

Dislikes: Mess & loud noise

Favourite Colour: Green & black

Favourite Sport: Football

Favourite Book: 'Holiday By The Sea' by Lizz Eeles

Favourite TV Show: Anything!

Favourite Film: Identity Thief

Favourite School Subject: Maths





Miss Burns

Teaching Assistant and Tea Time Club Lead

Hobbies: Crafting

Likes: Manners and smiles!

Dislikes: Cats

Favourite Colour: Yellow

Favourite Sport: Football

Favourite Book: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Favourite TV Show: British Bake Off

Favourite Film: 8 Mile

Favourite School Subject: Maths

If I could meet anyone famous it would be: P!nk

If I could meet anyone from history it would be: Martin Luther King Jr